Morcard was created as a way of making networking easier for everyone. Not only having business cards for the working environment but for students, teachers, businesses, friends, family, etc.

It’s a platform that allows you to create as little as one or multiple cards that fit your needs. Even more, Morcard makes sharing your contact information easier with the Morcard app. You have options to share your cards, add cards, scan cards with your camera, manually type in a unique code, and much more. With all of these abilities, Morcard is set up for any environment and any of your needs.

About the Founder

Garret Morrison, being a student and searching for internships, jobs, and connecting with his professors, knew that he should start using business cards; however, he became fascinated by the idea that business cards shouldn’t be used solely for landing him a job, but also be used amongst his peers. He then wanted to create a way that made networking easier for everyone and suitable for a plethora of environments.